Yukti Kapoor Says TV Show ‘Maddam Sir’ Changed Her Life Completely, Got Her ‘Crazy Fan Following’ | Exclusive

Popular television show Maddam Sir is all set to go off air. As the show will bid adieu to its audience on Saturday, February 18, we asked Yukti Kapoor about how it has changed her life in the last three years. Kapoor plays the role of SI Karishma Singh in Maddam Sir. Talking about the same, the actress mentioned how Maddam Sir is responsible for her ‘crazy fan following’. She shared how her character also inspired many other girls in the country to become a cop.

“Maddam Sir has changed my life totally. Before this show, I had fans, but never had crazy fans who would come to your set and cry after seeing you. I had heard of such incidents before Maddam Sir but had never felt it. I never had one. Because of Maddam Sir, I got a chance to experience crazy fans, how they look up to you, how you inspire them with your character. I am in love with my character Karishma who has inspired a lot of girls. This is what I have learned. From my character, I have inspired so many girls to become police officers,” Yukti told us.

The 30-year-old actress also shared how a lot of people do not call her by her name but by her character’s name. She explained that it indicates how her hard work is paying off. “People do call me Karishma. If I am going somewhere and somebody notices me, they scream ‘Karishma, Karishma’. They always call me by my character’s name only. It feels good that your work is paying off,” she said.

“I have put in so much effort in my character in the last three years. I had a lot of shades in my character – emotional, serious, and fight sequences. There was a lot to do for my character. And it has become so impactful that people know me by my character’s name. It feels really good,” the actress added.

Asked if she is satisfied with where she is today, Yukti revealed that whatever she is today is without any ‘links in the industry’. “Yes, I am very much satisfied. Coming from a family which had no links in the industry. My family pushed me to be in the industry. Nobody recommended me ever. I had no contacts. I am here with my dedication and work. I am taking step by step. Slow and steady wins the race. Wherever I am right now, I feel this is my destiny. I am grateful. Let’s see what’s in store for the future,” she shared.

TV Show 'Maddam Sir' Changed Her Life Completely
Yukti Kapoor Says TV Show ‘Maddam Sir’ Changed Her Life Completely

Before Maddam Sir, Yukti featured in several shows including Agniphera and Nanhi Si Kali Meri Laadli. She rose to fame after she essayed the role of Urmila in Siya Ke Ram. However, do you know that Yukti was never ‘serious’ about acting as a profession? Revealing the same, the actress told us how she became serious towards her work only after she gained appreciation post Siya Ke Ram.

“I was into dancing. I did a show titled ‘Rock-N-Roll Family’. From there, a director offered me a show. That was no less than acting class for me. For two years, I did that show for DD National. I learned all the technicalities there. That’s when I realised that maybe I should be serious about it. But I was not serious for a long time. The moment I turned 24 and I got the show titled Siya Ke Ram. I was appreciated for the show and that’s when I got serious. Touchwood, from the last five years, I have been working regularly,” Yukti revealed.

Source : news18

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