Yeh Hai Chahatein Episode 30 March : Mansi gets bail, Nayan pulls out…

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In the latest episode of popular TV show Yeh Hai Chahtein, viewers see Nayantara telling Sam that he should care about his son and not his family. Sam says that even though they are getting divorced, his relationship with his family will always be there. She pushes him again and walks away, thinking she cannot tell him why she is doing this.

Later, while having lunch with the family, Samrat asks about Nayan. Everyone is shocked to see Mansi with Nayan. Ishani asks who took her out from the police station. On this Nayan says that he saved Mansi. Ishani then says that Mansi had seriously injured Shanti, why did you take it out to which Nayan replies that Shanti is fine now, Prem will feel bad if he comes to know that his mother is in jail. Mansi goes to her room smiling.

Malti then confronts Nayan that he sent her to jail for her sake, why did he take it out. Nayan then takes out the money from under the sofa, saying that he knows Malti didn’t steal the money because he saw the CCTV footage where Malti stole the money. but she is afraid that Malti will be caught So asks the watchman to transfer the footage to her mobile and delete it from the computer. She shows the footage to Malti and lies to her that Mansi saw the footage and threatens to send Malti to jail, so she has to bail Mansi out.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Episode 30 March
Mansi gets bail, Nayan pulls out…

In the upcoming episode, Mansi tells Nayan that she is her puppet till she does not have Aliya’s video. Nayan tells Ishani, Chintu and Prem that Mansi is blackmailing him using Aliya’s video. Prem says he has an idea. Just then Mansi calls and tells Sam that someone has kidnapped Prem.

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