Woman catches daughter red-handed with boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, watch high-voltage drama

Several lovebirds across the globe might have celebrated Valentine’s Day and ‘love week ’ with much excitement and enthusiasm. But, the ‘love week’ and Valentine’s Day might not have gone the same for all. 

Here we bring a video that has gone viral on social media. The video shows a girl getting caught red-handed by her mother while she was with her boyfriend in a restaurant.

As seen in the video, a woman is hitting a boy with her slippers while yelling at him. Meanwhile, a girl sitting in front of the boy stands up and tries to stop the woman. The woman seems to be fuming with anger and after the girl tries to stop her, she starts hitting her as well.

daughter caught red handed with lover
Woman catches daughter red-handed with boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Next, the boy also stands up from his place and tries to stop her. The boy requests the woman not to hit the girl. But, the annoyed woman seems to be in no mood to listen. She continues to hit the boy as well as the girl with her slipper.

The video shared by Arzoo Kazmi has been viewed over 341K times and reshared by Ghar Ke Kalesh. After watching the video, netizens went on to express their thoughts on the video. While some went on to share hilarious comments, others went on to share their personal life experiences in a similar situation.

Source : odishatv

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