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Wife Pain : Husband did not understand wife’s pain, kept making relationship wrongly for 3 years

It is very important to have romance between husband and wife after marriage. If there is no romance then the life of both will be ruined. But in this story everything is opposite. On the day of honeymoon, the husband made relations with his wife in an unnatural way.

A man used to make similar unnatural relations with his wife by watching pornographic videos. For the first time on the honeymoon, the husband made unnatural relations with his wife. If this process did not stop even after many years of marriage, then the wife has given a complaint in this regard to the police. The whole matter is of Sadarpur in Noida.

Husband did not understand wife's pain
Husband did not understand wife’s pain

The husband crossed all limits of cruelty and started making unnatural relations with his wife. The husband used to do all this in a state of intoxication. When the wife protested, he started threatening her, but due to shame, she did not tell her parents about it. During this, he also started having physical problems.

Didn’t understand wife’s pain, kept making unnatural relationship

According to the victim, he did not agree even after telling about the problems caused by unnatural relations. He continued to do this. The wife says that on complaining he used to beat her and continued to have a coercive wrongful relationship with her in a shameful manner.

wife became ill due to unnatural relationship

According to the police, the woman’s husband is addicted to drugs. Due to taking excessive dose of drugs, he used to have unnatural sex, due to which the woman started falling ill. According to the police, the condition of the woman was getting worse due to excessive intoxication of her husband and having an unnatural relationship. Only after this the woman gave the complaint.

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If you complain to mother-in-law, you get taunted

According to the victim, when she complained about this to her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, they started taunting her for bringing less dowry. The woman told that many types of problems arose in her body due to continuous non-natural sex and she started feeling pain. When there was more problem, she went to the female doctor of the city. The doctor advised her to stay away from this kind of unnatural relationship and said that if her husband does not desist from his antics then many big problems can come in his body.

Despite this, her husband continued his misdeeds. Recently, the husband again tried to have an unnatural relationship. On refusing, the husband beat her fiercely. Fed up, the victim has complained to the police.

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