Megha Gupta Birthday : This Inspector of CID became bold in front of the camera

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Megha Gupta, who once became an Inspector in the TV show CID and used to catch criminals, has become bold in front of the camera.

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The crust

The last satisfying mouthful of slightly crunchy, doughy goodness.

CID Actress Megha Gupta Photos: CID, who was involved in the popular TV show, had entertained people for 20 years

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The base

A homemade base is a must. A secret recipe? Even better!

At the same time, many stars became popular through this show. Megha Gupta is also one of them. Megha Gupta played the role of Inspector Divyana

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The toppings

They say keep it simple for a reason. A few fresh ingredients go a long way.

Let us tell you that this CID inspector, who catches criminals, is very bold in real life and often keeps the social media high by sharing her hot pictures. Her style is very glamorous

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The environment

The restaurant's vibe should match your soaring spirits.

He has once again added a dash of boldness. She has shared two of her pictures on Instagram

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The best pizza crust winner

Joe’s Pizza

in which she is seen sitting in a room and only her back is visible. It can be seen how she is wreaking havoc

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The best red sauce

Artichoke’s Pizza

If we talk about her look, then she is seen completely backless in the upper parts. While in the bottom wear, he has wrapped only a white colored towel. She is looking very bold in this photo

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The best topping winner


This look of her has blown away the senses of the fans. At the same time, these photos are being discussed a lot on social media

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The best place to eat pizza winner

Di Fara Pizza

Let me tell you, this is not the first time that Megha has shared such a photo, but she is often seen in bold style. In this dark photo, it can be seen how she is flaunting her sizzling avatar wearing a dipneck bralette


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