Viral Video : The person started teasing the crocodile sitting quietly, the creature taught a lesson in a moment ! Didn’t even get a chance to recover

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Crocodile is such a creature that whether you see it on TV or in a closed cage in a zoo, you will feel the same fear. But think what would you do if the same creature comes right in front of you. Of course you will run away from there in fear, but you will not try to touch it at all. But one person did not know what thought that he started touching a crocodile many times bigger than himself after finding it alone in front of him. After this, the creature also explained in the blink of an eye that what is the status of a human being in front of him.

Surprising videos (animal videos) are often posted on the Instagram account @africasafariplanet. Recently one such video has been shared on this account in which a person is daring to harass a crocodile (Man tease crocodile animal attack video). It is better to escape from a creature like crocodile, but in this video you will be surprised to see the action of the person and will be forced to think whether he is brave or stupid.

The person started teasing the crocodile sitting quietly
The person started teasing the crocodile sitting quietly

crocodile attacked
In the video, a huge crocodile is seen sunbathing on the edge of the swimming pool. Its size is very long. Then suddenly a person comes with a stick in his hand and starts patting the crocodile on its back and starts troubling it forcefully.

Once or twice the creature tolerates, but suddenly it flares up and turns towards the person with the aim of attacking. The person does not get a chance to recover and he stumbles and falls down. The video ends there and it is not known what happened next. The person has a stick in his hand and he is so close to the crocodile, seeing which it can be inferred that he is a park worker and this is his daily work.

video is going viral
This video has got more than 11 lakh views while many people have given their feedback by commenting. One said that this is the result of playing stupid games. One said that why people do not understand that they should not get involved with such a dangerous creature.

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