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Valentine’s Day : 8 WhatsApp features can help you make your partner feel special

Valentine’s Day : You can pin your partner’s chat on top of your WhatsApp list, send emojis on messages and even send voice notes on WhatsApp to make Valentine’s special for your partner.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there couldn’t be any better moment to express love to your loved one. In this age, people are going digital to express their feelings on February 14. On this occasion, messaging platform WhatsApp has announced eight new features to help you make the day a memorable one for your significant other.

1. Pin chat : With this feature, you can pin your partner’s chart on the top of your WhatsApp list. The Android users can do it by tapping, holding the chat and tap Pin. The iPhone users need to swipe right on the chat they want to pin and then tap the PIN option.

2. Emoji reaction : If you are accused of not giving proper attention to your partner on Valentine’s Day, then emojis are the best way to put an end to all such misgivings. WhatsApp helps you to acknowledge your partner’s messages through emoji reactions.

3. Digital avatars : WhatsApp helps you to create digital avatars of yourself. They are customisable and represent who you actually are. You can even use them as stickers while chatting to give a more personal touch to your messages.

Valentine's Day
8 WhatsApp features can help you make your partner feel special

4. Status updates : You can share your status on WhatsApp too. A romantic proposal one for your loved one can be shared as a status on the messaging platform too. The status feature allows you to share text, video, sound and GIF which disappear after 24 hours.

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5. Voice messages : Are you separated from your partner by time zones? Don’t fret. With WhatsApp you can send a voice note or hear their voice through this feature. You can even pause and record in case you need to gather more thoughts before expressing how much your partner matters to you.

6. Custom notification tone : You can set up a custom notification tone for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. You can know when they are calling. All you need to do is click on their contact info and change the Alert Tone from Wallpaper and Sound.

7. Live location : If you have planned to meet your partner and are unable to meet each other. WhatsApp enables you to share live location for a certain period of time to help you find them.

8. Polls : Are you confused about what gifts you need to buy for your date this Valentine’s Day? You can run a poll and seek your friends’ opinion on WhatsApp

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