US shoots down third UFO in three days, What we know about them

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The recent shooting down of a spy balloon by the US administration has once again raised the phenomenon of ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena(UAP)’ in the United States of America. The UAP is also known as an unidentified flying object or UFO in common parlance. The US military shot down another high-altitude object over Lake Huron on Sunday (local time).

According to CNN, an American official and a Congress source have given this information. Meanwhile, Democratic-Republican Alyssa Slotkin of Michigan tweeted that she had received a call from the Defense Department saying the US military was “very closely monitoring” an object over Lake Huron.”Just got a call from @DeptofDefense – our military is closely monitoring an object over Lake Huron,” Slotkin said in a tweet on Sunday.

US shoots down third UFO in three days
US shoots down third UFO in three days

We will know more in the coming days about what it was, but for now, be assured, all parties are focused on it from the moment it came over our waters.’For the third consecutive day, an unknown object has been hit in the American-Canadian sky. Earlier on Saturday, an unidentified flying object was shot down in northern Canada.

Canada’s PM Justice Trudeau tweeted, ‘I ordered the downing of an ‘unidentified flying object’ violating Canadian airspace. The North American Aerospace Defense Command shot down the object over the Yukon. Canadian and American aircraft were landed and a US F-22 successfully fired on the object.

Earlier on Friday, an unidentified object was shot down by the US F-22 in Alaska airspace. And last weekend, a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon was taken down by F-22s off the coast of South Carolina.

Source : News Website

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