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Ullu Bold Web Series : These 10 web series of Ullu app are such that you will be desperate to see them, seeing which you will get wet.

Ullu app is such an OTT platform whose demand is always there. This is a demanding streaming service in which you will get to see drama, romance, horror, suspense, thriller. Many types of series are released in this. It is not only available in Hindi but also in regional languages ​​like English Tamil, Telugu Bhojpuri. You will not have to spend much money to subscribe to it. Its subscription is quite pocket friendly in which you can enjoy unlimited video streaming and downloads for a small amount of money.

All new releases and web series will be seen on Ullu web site. There you will also get the list of all the web series available in Ullu app. You can click on the web series name and ask about Ullu web series and get the information. Romance family drama everything is available to watch on Ullu app. Complete entertainment does Ullu Ke 10 such web series that you will not be able to live without watching.

Siskiyaan Part 2

Noor Malvika, Priya Gamre, Hiral have played the lead roles in this, its second season has also arrived. Episodes 1 to 4 are given in it.


This web series starring Ruk Khandagale, Shivangi Rai is in its season 2. It has got 2 episodes.


Aliana and Manisha Gian have worked in it. This is its first season. Another 2 episodes have come in this.

Charmsukh Bidaai

Pihu Sharma Leena Singh is appearing in it. Its 3 episodes have come.


Priya Gamre and Varun Sagar are seen in it. This is its season two and it has 1 to 4 episodes.

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Samne Wali Khidki

Rooks Khandagale, Ayushi Jaiswal have worked in it. It has also had 4 episodes.

Riti Riwaj

Sunny Singh, Payal, Yash Pandit are seen in this. Its one season has come and so far its 8 episodes have come.

Kavita Bhabhi

Kavita Radheshyam, Rushali have worked in it. It has 2 seasons, 1-2 episodes have come.

Charmsukh (Chawl House – 3)

Sneha Pal, Ankita Dave have acted in it. Its 4 episodes have come. This is its third season.

Sursuri-Li I Part 3

Nidhi Mahavan will be seen in this, it also has one to three episodes and this is its third season.