This bungalow is being sold for just Rs 88, know how it can be yours ? hurry only 8 houses left

Everyone’s dream is to have a home. For this he works hard day and night. Money adds but many people are unable to fulfill this dream. Because due to inflation, the prices keep on quadrupling day and night. But there is a wonderful offer for you. You can buy a bungalow for just one euro i.e. 88 rupees. You must be thinking that there would be gangs of fraudsters. No, not at all. It is all official. That means the government itself is selling them. Let us know how you can buy it.

According to the report of The Sun, this bungalow is in St. Elia, one of the beautiful cities of Italy. The mayor of the city claims that since he made this offer, people’s calls have started coming. People are asking about the process and want to buy it as soon as possible. He said that if a foreigner applies to buy these houses, he will be given priority. So far many people from Canada and America have shown interest in it. The draw will be taken out after the application.

This bungalow is being sold for just Rs 88
This bungalow is being sold for just Rs 88, know how it can be yours ? hurry only 8 houses left

must apply soon
Mayor Biagio Faiella said, there are only eight houses available for sale and if you want to buy you have to apply soon. You must be thinking that why such an expensive house is being sold so cheaply? Let us tell you that all the houses in this city have become weak and people are leaving and going towards other cities. In 2014, 2,004 people lived here, but today their number is only 1,680. Everyone wants to get out of here while there is no dearth of facilities.

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to be fixed in three years
Let us tell you how you can also buy it. Actually, the city administration has made a plan to fix these ruined houses. It will be completely revamped within three years. That’s why whoever buys the house will have to deposit 5000 Euros i.e. 4.37 lakhs in the Municipal Corporation. The houses will be rebuilt with this money. The home buyer will also have to present a plan to get it rectified within six months. The mayor is hopeful that once built, there will be an unprecedented rise in their prices. This will boost the economy

Such houses sold in Italy earlier also
Let us tell you that this is not the first city in Italy which is offering cheap houses. Earlier, houses were sold for Rs 78 in Taranto, the historical center of Southern Italy and known as Little Italy. The purpose of giving such attractive offers is to increase the population. In 2019, similar offers were made in the villages of Bivona, Sambuca and Musomeli in Sicily. Locena, in the north-west of Italy, was also among those towns, where only 7 lakhs had to be paid for three years for the new house settlers.