Russian Female Doctors : Suffering of Russian female doctors, soldiers enjoying instead of treatment, playing all night and going to war in the morning

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In 2022, suddenly the war between Russia and Ukraine started. No one had even thought that they would have to face a war-like situation. But it happened. This war continues even today. Both the countries are suffering a lot from this war. But since Ukraine is a small country, its loss is more. However, the way this country has faced Russia, that too is commendable. On the other hand, Russia has also suffered a lot in this war. The war continues even after the death of many soldiers.

Some doctors and nurses have been sent to Ukraine for the soldiers fighting the war in Russia. Now some of these have exposed the handiwork of the Russian soldiers with a suppressed tongue. They say that these soldiers are taking advantage of them. She goes for their treatment but the soldiers make her a victim of their lust. Top class officers of the military are also doing this. This was disclosed by a Russian officer who came to give an interview to Radio Free Europe.

identity kept hidden

During the war, a Russian officer only disclosed this oppression being done to the doctors and nurses. However, he has kept his identity hidden. He told that the soldiers force these doctors to cook food, wash clothes and then sleep with them. He also told that any doctor who refuses to do so is given severe punishment and then he is also beaten up. When she saw all this with her own eyes, she could not believe it. But all this is true.

Russian Female Doctors
playing all night and going to war in the morning

herself has become a victim

The woman made many other revelations while hiding her identity. Today, this officer, who reached the highest level of the Russian Army, told that at one time he too was forced to do dirty work. But when he refused, he was tortured for several months. Where everyone used to sleep inside the tent in a warm sheet in the cold, he was made to sleep outside in the open. At the same time, seven other women in his team had agreed to become slaves. In such a situation, all the facilities were being given to them.

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