Relationship : These 3 parts of women’s body reveal all their secrets, let’s know about them in detail

If you also want to know something about your female friend, then just take a look at these 3 parts of her body. Let’s know about them in detail.

let’s know about them in detail

There is a saying that even God himself cannot understand the nature of women. But do you know that there is no need to apply much mind to understand women, these three parts of their body themselves reveal all their secrets. If you also want to know something about your female friend, then just take a look at these 3 parts of her body.


The most attractive part of a women’s face is her lips. By looking at the lips of any woman, you can find out about her nature and personality. Women with red, thin, smooth and well-shaped lips are very sexy by nature and get the love of their husbands. The married life of such women is very good. On the other hand, if women whose lower lips are thick and black, they may lose their husband soon.

dimple on chin

Such women who have dimples on their chin are considered very happy and loyal by nature. Such women are also very kind by nature. Whereas women whose chin is round are considered very lucky. Women with long chin are quickly attracted towards worldly pleasures, hence they are counted among characterless women.


Women who have systematic bow shaped eyebrows are counted among beautiful and characterful women. On the contrary, straight long and thick broken brows are not considered good. Women whose eyebrows meet on both sides above the nose, such women do not get the happiness of their husband for a long time. This is a sign of widowhood.

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