Papmochani Ekadashi 2023 : To get desired happiness, do this work today, Shani Dev and Shri Hari will shower blessings

Papmochani Ekadashi 2023 Upay: The special importance of Ekadashi Vrak has been told in Hindu religious scriptures. It is said that by observing fast and worshiping on this day, the devotees get freedom from the sufferings of life. The Ekadashi that falls in the month of Chaitra is known as Papmochani Ekadashi. This time Papmochani Ekadashi is falling on March 18, Saturday.

According to astrology, along with the worship of Shri Hari, some astrological measures can be adopted to please Lord Shani on this day. It is believed that if Saturn is sitting in an inauspicious position in a person’s horoscope, then today, March 18, on the day of Papmochani Ekadashi, by doing these measures, one will get quick relief.

Papmochani Ekadashi 2023
To get desired happiness, do this work today,

Do these measures on the day of Papmochani Ekadashi

  • According to astrology, feed roasted gram to monkeys on Saturday to please Shani Dev. Also, feed a black dog with oil on sweet bread or feed it.
  • If Saturn is moving in an inauspicious condition in a person’s horoscope, then do not consume meat and alcohol on Saturday’s Ekadashi.
  • Along with this, take a black thread on Saturday and wear it around your neck by making a garland. will benefit.
  • According to astrology, on the day of Papmochani Ekadashi, light a flour lamp near the Shami plant and during this time put camphor and turmeric in the lamp.
  • Offer raw milk on Peepal tree before sunrise on Saturday and lighting a lamp of bitter oil gives auspicious results.
  • If Saturn’s condition is weak in the horoscope, then to avoid the side effects of Saturn, serve black cow on Saturday and feed bread to mother cow.
  • On the day of Papmochani Ekadashi, reciting special mantras of Shri Hari, mantras of Shani and Shani Stoth gives special benefits.
  • If you are troubled by Saturn’s Sade Sati, then offer sweet water to the Peepal tree after it gets dark on Saturday’s Ekadashi. Light a mustard oil lamp, burn incense sticks and recite Hanuman Chalisa, Shani Chalisa sitting there. After this, do 7 parikramas of Peepal tree and come home.
  • Fill mustard oil in a bronze bowl on Saturday and see your face in it and donate shadow.
  • On the day of Papmochani Ekadashi, offer sweet milk to the root of Peepal tree. Light an oil lamp and keep it lit towards the west.
    Chant the mantra on this day- ‘Om Shan Shanaishcharaya Namah’. Also, while reciting the mantra, offer 1-1 grains of sweet nukti on every circumambulation. You have to do at least 11 parikramas like this. After this, pray to Shani Dev with folded hands.