Pakistan Economic Crisis : China became an angel for Pakistan dependent on pie-pie! This big relief given on loan of 2 billion dollars

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Pakistan Debt: Pakistan is currently facing a serious economic crisis. Pakistan’s Foreign Exchange Reserves have also started decreasing once again. Pakistan now has only $4.2 billion in forex reserves left. Pakistan needs more loans to save its economy.

For this, he is looking towards the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Gulf countries. Another big problem in front of Pakistan is that it has already taken a lot of debt. There are many such loans for which the deadline to repay has come. Meanwhile, China has emerged as an angel for Pakistan. China has given relief to Pakistan on the debt of 2 billion dollars.

China gave big relief to Pakistan

Please tell that Pakistan needs more loan at this time, in such a situation how will it repay the loan already taken. Meanwhile, China has extended the time period to repay the $2 billion loan given to Pakistan by China and has given a big relief to Pakistan. China has rolled over Pakistan’s $2 billion debt.

Pakistan’s loan roll over

Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that China has rolled over Pakistan’s mature $ 2 billion loan. Pakistan has got more time to repay the loan. Pakistan was in dire need of this because Pakistan does not have the money anyway to repay the loan.

Pakistan Economic Crisis
This big relief given on loan of 2 billion dollars

When will I get loan from IMF?

Pakistan is trying hard to get loan from IMF, but it is not able to achieve anything. Talks have been going on for a long time between Pakistan and the IMF regarding a loan of $1.1 billion. IMF has put many conditions in front of Pakistan, which Pakistan is not able to fulfill. Due to debt, Pakistan has increased the prices of many things.

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