Mughal Harem Dark secrets : There was no place for feelings in the Mughal’s harem, this was just one thing done day and night.

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Mughal Harem biggest truth : Harem used to have a big role in the politics of the country and the world during the Mughal period. To make their place in the harem and to become special to a queen or queen, they used to get killed. Haram had its own separate world, about which common people were forbidden to talk. Many things and stories related to Mughal Haram are famous among the people. In this, historians have written a lot about the number of women in the harem, their plight and the behavior of the emperors.

Babur had built the first harem

According to historians, the ‘Haram’ culture was started by Babur, later his successors modified it according to their own. It is said that Akbar had the maximum number of women in his harem i.e. about 5000, while Aurangzeb cared more for the things of religion than the world, so he had the least number of women in his harem. In the harem, the emperor used to celebrate 24 hours a day in the name of relaxation and entertainment. Every Mughal emperor had different rules in his harem. Whose eunuchs used to play different roles there.

This work was completely banned in the harem

Apart from Akbar, the tales of Haram of many Mughal rulers were famous till Europe. In this matter, after Akbar, the name of his son Jahangir comes first. It is said that there was no place in Jahangir’s harem to discuss sorrows. That is, the women living in the harem could not even talk to anyone about their problems. The theme of Shah Jahan’s harem was that only sexual pleasure and pleasure should be discussed at this place.

‘There was no place for emotion in the harem’

Women living alone in the harem for a long time used to become mentally and physically ill, even then they could not tell their sorrows even to the eunuchs deployed in the security of the harem. The women of the harem could not even discuss their diseases and anyone’s death. If for some reason any woman of the harem fell ill, she was shifted to the ‘sick hospital’ till then.

The condition of the women in the harem which looked dazzling from outside was very pathetic. Even though the women of the harem were treated in these so-called dispensaries, they had to stay alone there too. She could not even fulfill her physical needs. Aged women had to wait for their death in the infirmary, there too there was no one to take care of them.

first and last rule of harem

Mughal Harem Dark secrets
this was just one thing done day and night.

The world of the harem was like a one way traffic. Where there was only way for women to come, not to go. The women here only had to win the heart of the emperor. She could not make physical relations with anyone else. For this reason, many women of the harem used to secretly do this secretly.

Which they were not allowed. Foreign traders who came to India in that period have written that the women of the harem pretended to be sick and tried to touch the doctors who came for treatment. She used to speak her mind out of fear to him, because the emperor used to keep his spies there and those who broke the rules were secretly sentenced to death.

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