Monkey Lion Fight Video : The monkey kept begging for his life, but the heartless lioness did not melt

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Lion Killed Baboon Video : When it comes to viral videos of animals, social media is full of them. Many types of videos of animals come to the fore, whether having fun or fighting with each other, they definitely surprise people. While doing mischief, a monkey got trapped badly and had to become the prey of a lioness again. Although he kept begging for his life, the lionesses showed no mercy at all. A heart-wrenching clip is becoming quite viral on the internet.

A hunter mercilessly hunts his prey, seeing which one’s soul can tremble. This throwback video has once again caught the attention of users on social media. A group of lionesses can be seen encircling a poor monkey and then attacking it. To save his life, he goes to the back of the tree, but he cannot escape from the claws of the lioness. This video may be difficult for some people to watch, because it is a very cruel video. In the end, he falls prey to the lioness and then the lioness is seen carrying him by pressing her teeth.

Monkey Lion Fight Video
The monkey kept begging for his life

This clip was originally shared on Instagram on January 20, which once again went viral. The video begins with the lioness climbing a broken tree branch for her prey, a baboon (which is also a species of monkey).

The lioness moves towards the baboon and tries to kill the animal with her sharp claws. The visibly scared monkey tries its best to retaliate, but loses its balance and falls from the tree branch. This video is becoming quite viral on social media.

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