Monalisa, Amrapali – Nirahua Romance : Leaving his wife Amrapali alone in the room, Nirahua fled to Monalisa’s room, creating a ruckus

Monalisa, Amarapali Dubey – Nirahua Romance Video: The pairing of Nirahua and Amarpali Dubey is the biggest hit in Bhojpuri cinema, but just think what will happen if Monalisa comes between them? Monalisa is one of the famous actress of Bhojpuri, the actress has given more than one film to Bhojpuri industry.

Monalisa has worked with almost all the actors. At present, a very romantic song by Amrapali Dubey, Nirahua and Monalisa is going viral very fast in the corridors of social media. In this song, Nirahua is seen romancing with two actresses simultaneously.

In the song, you can see that Nirahua is sometimes seen in love with his wife Amrapali Dubey and sometimes with his second wife Monalisa. Nirahua is seen stuck between Monalisa and Amrapali Dubey. So on the other hand, Monalisa and Amrapali Dubey are busy making their husband Nirahua drunk with their hot looks.

In the viral video, where Monalisa is seen in a short dress, Amrapali Dubey is seen in a sari making Nirhua uncontrollable with her slim figure. Nirhua Amrapali Dubey and Monalisa’s Bhojpuri song “Double Duty Kare Ke Padi” is once again trending on YouTube.

This song is from Nirahua’s film Raja Babu. This song is sung by Monalisa and Amarpali Dubey himself. The song has been uploaded on the YouTube channel named Wave Music Bhojpuri. The trio of these stars is touching the hearts of the fans.

Monalisa, Amrapali – Nirahua Romance
Leaving his wife Amrapali alone in the room

Both Monalisa and Amrapali Dubey actresses are very active on social media. Especially Monalisa keeps making her fans crazy by sharing her bikini photos. Fans like Monalisa’s pictures very much.

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