Mausi Affair Story : The young man had a relationship with his aunt, when she became pregnant, all the secrets were revealed

In Indore’s Chhatripura, a case of severing ties has come to the fore where a young man had a relationship with his aunt. Within a few months the aunt became pregnant and the secret was exposed. At first the young man consoled his aunt for marriage. According to the report of the National Crime Records Bureau i.e. NCRB, 95% of the cases of physical abuse in the country are done by loved ones.

This includes relatives, neighbors, co-workers or acquaintances. In such a situation, the big question is that when women are not safe among their loved ones, then what about outside? A similar case came to the fore from Indore, the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh. Where a young man misbehaved with his aunt and made her pregnant by physically abusing her for several days and when the woman pressured for marriage, he also threatened to kill her and her family members.

Mausi Affair Story
The young man had a relationship with his aunt, when she became pregnant

Actually, this incident is of Chhatripura police station area of ​​Indore. Where on Monday, a 26-year-old girl working in a parlor accused her sister’s son of doing wrong and said that he has been physically abusing me for two years. But when I got pregnant, he asked me to keep quiet and threatened me that if I tell anything to anyone, he will kill me and my family. Not only this, on the pretext of illness, Saurabh (accused) also wrestled with the victim for her jewelery and started debauchery with that money by mortgaging it.

The woman told that about 2 years back her sister’s son Saurabh called her at home and said that he likes her. On this the woman said that no one in our society would accept this relationship. On this, Saurabh, citing social custom, said that if physical relations are made with a girl, then she has to be married. Even after this the girl refused, then Saurabh forcefully made a relationship with her and asked her not to say anything to anyone.

The woman told that in March 2022 she told Saurabh that she was pregnant and talked about getting married, but Saurabh retracted what he had said and threatened her that if she told this to anyone, her family would be destroyed. Will give During this, the woman also had a miscarriage and due to fear, she did not tell this to anyone.

Not only this, when the matter of marriage of the woman was going on at some other place, Saurabh broke this relationship as well and started pressurizing her to live with him without marriage. After this, on Monday, the girl came to Chhatripura police station and lodged a complaint against the accused. The police arrested him and presented him in the court.