LOVE STORY : To have a relationship with brother-in-law, sister became sister’s step-daughter, read love story

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There is a relation of brother-in-law and sister-in-law. But then the story is something else. Sister-in-law fell in love with her brother-in-law. Brother-in-law also liked his sister-in-law. The wife also had no objection to this. A sister has become the sister’s stepmother.

A unique case of love affair has come to the fore in Jharkhand. Here a girl fell so madly in love with her own brother-in-law that she didn’t even care about her sister’s marriage and decided to become her sister’s step-mother. Then what was the relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law (Jija-Sali Affair) got tied up in the relationship between both husband and wife. The case is related to Godda district of Jharkhand where brother-in-law demanded sister-in-law in a love affair.

According to information, the pot of love between brother-in-law and sister-in-law ripened only four months ago, but the relationship got such that the sister-in-law became pregnant. This matter of love affair with brother-in-law was accumulated when the sister-in-law had come to her in-laws house i.e. brother-in-law’s house to take care of her sister. The extra-marital affair caught such a force that Naubat reached the point of marriage. When the people of the village came to know about the matter, the brother-in-law filled vermilion in the demand of sister-in-law in front of everyone and made her his wife.

In Godda’s Deodad police station area, Agiamod Maidan, a young man and a young woman who were in a relationship between brother-in-law and sister-in-law were engaged in a heated argument, and a crowd of people gathered to see them. When the local people came to know the reason behind the fight between the two, the reasons were shocking. Brother-in-law is Sukhlal Mirdha, a resident of the urban village of Devdand police station area, who is the father of four children before getting married for the second time.

sister-in-law got abortion done

To have a relationship with brother-in-law

He told that his sister-in-law had come for the last 4 months to help his wife. Sukhlal’s sister-in-law is a resident of Dumka. According to the sister-in-law, she had come to her sister’s house to help her, during this time she had a love affair with her brother-in-law. During this, both of them had sexual relations several times, due to which she became pregnant. When the sister-in-law became pregnant, her brother-in-law got her aborted. Here, when the family members of the girl came to know about the whole incident, they handed over the girl to her brother-in-law.

The brother-in-law i.e. Sukhilal Mirdha, who made his sister-in-law a housewife, has also accepted the whole incident and this matter. After the crowd and consent of the people, Sukhlal Mirdha fulfilled the demand of his sister-in-law and gave her the status of wife. He said that he would keep both the sisters together and happy.

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