Love Story : The woman with whom my husband was having an affair, I made a relationship with her husband

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When a third person comes in the married life, then there is a rift in the relationship. Something similar is in this story, the woman told that she has not been married for much time. The woman with whom my husband was having an affair. I also entered into a relationship with her husband.

The mother of a 6-year-old child shared the secret of her life on social media, which very few women are able to do. She told how her husband cheated on her and how she fell in love with another man. He is confused about his new relationship. Although social media users are supporting the woman and asking her to move forward in that relationship. Let us tell you a surprising love story.

Love Story
The woman with whom my husband was having an affair

The woman tells that she has been married for six years. He has a daughter. Sometime back she came to know that her husband of 38 years was having an affair with Kulig of the office. This thing came to the notice of that woman through her husband. A man who was cheated on by his wife told me that he was heartbroken and wanted me to know about it too. The 36-year-old mother of a child further told that on the day she told this, both of them were sleeping in a hotel. I identified both my husband and the woman. I have seen her on many occasions when I used to go with my husband.

Deep friendship with husband’s girlfriend’s husband

The woman further tells that I got involved with the husband of the woman the husband is with. We both started talking on the message. We even went out on several occasions. Had coffee, went on a picnic. One day he proposed me. She tells that when we went on a picnic two weeks ago, during that time he said to me, ‘I think I love you.’ When he was telling me, I also felt that I am also in love with him.

He said that at first he could not believe that he felt this way towards me, two people leaning on each other comfortably. But later they realized that they are in love and are not going to break up now. Both are still waiting to expose their partners.

She further says that due to the lockdown, I lost my job. After this I did not get a job, so I have been studying for two years. If I divorce now, I cannot give my daughter what she is getting here. The husband will take the child in his custody. The woman shared her goals for the future, to secure a job and leave her marriage. She asked if two broken hearts could really find happiness together when their love story started like ours.

Hearing the story of the woman, social media users are seen standing with her. One wrote, ‘You are not in a pathetic situation at all, coming out of a terrible situation is wonderful and beautiful. ‘ Whereas, one wrote, ‘It is definitely complicated and will not be easy. I wish you all the best for this. ‘At the same time, another social media user wrote,’ This is a strangely beautiful love story. I am sorry that your life partner has hurt you. But it’s a blessing.’ While one wrote, ‘Go ahead with your love. I would love to see both their faces when they come to know that you two are together. Why worry about them?