Khesari Lal goes naughty with his Bhabhi in the new song ‘Bhatijwa Ke Maai Rangai,’ watch sizzling video that’s already gone viral

Khesari Lal:  Holi is just about the corner and the celebration has already started with Bhojpuri’s brand-new Holi hits. Bhojpuri superstar Khesari Lal is also in the limelight these days for Holi songs releases. Once again his new song on Holi song on Devar Bhabhi chemistry is creating buzz on social media.

Khesari Lal with Bhabhi

Bhatijwa Ke Maai Rangai
Khesari Lal goes naughty with his Bhabhi in the new song Bhatijwa Ke Maai Rangai

Khesari Lal’s new Holi song ‘Bhatijwa Ke Maai Rangai’ is breaking all records on the Internet. In this, the actor is seen with a Bhojpuri co-star. The on-screen chemistry of Devar Bhabhi on the Holi song looks amazing in the video. Khesari Lal is wearing a black t-shirt whereas Bhabhi wore a purple saree. They are giving tough competition to other celebrities. Also, this video is wreaking havoc on social media.

Views on the video

The song is setting YouTube on fire. For the uninitiated, it has received 2,341,660 views up till now. Fans are also seen commenting on the video. The power-packed chemistry is something you can’t take your eyes off. Also, Khesari Lal has given their voice to this song.

Source : dnpindia

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