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Khalis web series trailer released : Seeing this web series you will also get sleepless nights, heart will be restless after seeing bold scenes

This is one such web series in which a mother-in-law does the unimaginable act with the boy next door to fulfill her desires and has so many bold scenes that will leave your eyes wide open. In today’s time some people like to see board content. If you also like to watch web series with bold scenes, then this news can prove to be great for you.

As everyone knows that Ullu web series has always been known for its bold and hot content. In this episode, a new web series on Ullu has been released on May 25, 2023, which you will not be able to live without watching because a lot of hotness has been shown in this web series and a lot of intimate scenes have also been given. To make ends meet, she develops a relationship with a boy living in the neighborhood.

Let us tell you that the name of this web series is Khalis web series. Its story is based on a woman, who gets married at a young age. She has a son after her husband passes away. After which she quickly marries him. As time passes, the mother-in-law becomes harsh to the daughter-in-law and argues with her. A day comes when the daughter-in-law follows her mother-in-law and finds out that her mother-in-law is having an affair with a boy living in her neighborhood. After that he met his mother-in-law

Khalis bold web series

When Sansa asks, she says that she was married at a young age and her second husband also died soon after that, due to loneliness, she had to have a relationship with that young man. The rest of the story has many twists and turns. Which you can watch on Ullu app. This Khalish Ullu web series stars Priya Gamre and Alia Naaz in the lead roles. However, apart from these two, many other actors and actresses are also included.