Jija Sali Relation : Wife could not give physical pleasure at night, sister-in-law gave happiness in one go…

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I am a married man. I have been married for 10 years. But my problem is that we haven’t had any kids yet. When I came to know that my wife could never become a mother, I was very upset.

However, I do not want to hide from you, during this time I started growing close to my sister-in-law. I am in a relationship with my sister-in-law for the past several years. I love her very much. She wants me too. My wife also knows about our relationship.

But the problem is that now she is going to get married. My wife’s parents have fixed her relationship elsewhere. I can’t live without him. She also wants to be with me. I talked to his family about this too, but they are not agreeing to our marriage.

My wife also wants me to marry her. But his family members are adamant on their stubbornness. In such a situation, I do not understand what to do? (All images are indicative, we protect the identity of users in the stories shared by them).

Jija Sali Relation
Wife could not give physical pleasure at night

Counseling psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Anamika Papdiwal, founder of Psychological Counseling Center in Jaipur and executive member of All India Jain Doctors Forum, says that the triangle of relationships creates a lot of problems after a time. This is because no one can be completely happy and satisfied in such a bond.

Same is the case in your case also. You are talking about keeping your wife as well as your sister-in-law with you. In such a situation, it is most important that whatever decision you take for yourself, it should be done very thoughtfully and with a promise to fulfill for life.

wife’s parents are not wrong

As you mentioned your wife has no objection to you having a relationship with her sister. But his family members are not agreeing to this relationship. However, in such a situation, I will tell you that his parents are absolutely right in their place. This is because no parent would want one of their daughters to break the house of their other daughter.

This is because till now both of you were only in a relationship, but when you will get married tomorrow, your responsibility towards sister-in-law will also increase. In such a situation, not only will you stop paying attention to your wife, but your responsibilities towards her will also start decreasing, which no parent can tolerate.

If this had happened to you…

After listening to your words, I can understand that your wife has accepted your relationship under great compulsion, the biggest reason of which is because she can never become a mother. But the thing to think is that if the same problem was with you instead of your wife, would you be able to accept someone’s relationship with your wife. Probably not.

That is why it is necessary that the picture should be seen from both sides. As far as the child is concerned, both of you can also adopt a child, which is not difficult at all in today’s time.

need help to repair the relationship

You may be thinking that all this was going on even for 10 years, so what is so difficult now. But the truth is that difficulties come only after getting tied up in a relationship. In such a situation, it becomes very important that all three of you, your wife and sister-in-law contact a professional psychologist at once.

This counseling is also very important for sister-in-law to join life with someone else so that her past life does not affect her future married life. Wherein both you and your wife can maintain your relationship honestly.