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Haryanvi Dancer : Rachna Tiwari shook her body in such a way that the crowd became uncontrollable, lots of notes rained

In the Haryanvi world, more than one dancer and singer is ruling the hearts of people these days, seeing whom not only young boys but also old people lose their temper. By the way, Sapna Chowdhary is considered to be the queen of Haryanvi industry, in whose programs a crowd gathers not in thousands but in lakhs.

The popularity is such that her fans lose their temper, which forces everyone to dance. Today we are not talking about Sapna Chowdhary, because there is more than one dancer in this world. In the list of dancers, whether it is Sunita Baby or Komal Rangili, Gori Nagori and Rachna Tiwari, respectively.

All these dancers and singers rule the hearts and minds of the people. If you haven’t seen his video, you haven’t really seen anything. Meanwhile, Rachna Tiwari dance videos are taking social media by storm, which is enough to drive everyone crazy. Fans are losing their temper watching Rachna Tiwari’s dance videos. If you have not seen his viral video, then understand that you have not seen anything.

Rachna Tiwari wreaked havoc on the stage

Haryanvi Dancer Rachna Tiwari
lots of notes rained

Haryanvi dancer and singer Rachna Tiwari is stabbing people’s hearts these days, seeing which everyone’s heart is slipping. Rachna Tiwar is looking very sexy in a tight suit and a scarf around her neck. You can see Rachna Tiwari, how much beauty she is spreading.

Not only this, when the limit is being reached, the crowd of fans are seen capturing them in their Android phones. Rachna Tiwari is also rocking the stage with her jumps which is creating ruckus for everyone. This video of Rachna Tiwari is being watched again and again, where people are encouraging by commenting in various ways. In this video you can see a tau is seen raining notes.