Gauri Khan Oops Moment : Shahrukh Khan’s wife became victim of Oops Moment, the world saw all the hot stuff

Gauri Khan Oops Moment : Oops moment of beauties in Bollywood is not a new thing. Often beautiful actresses are victims of Oops Moment, after which their photos and videos go viral on the internet. It has been seen time and again that when a beautiful actress wears a short dress, such parts are also displayed which should not be there. Now Bollywood’s Pathan Shah Rukh Khan’s wife has also become a victim of Oops Moment and this video of her is becoming increasingly viral.

Apart from being the wife of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan has a distinct identity of her own, she has millions of fans, even though Gauri Khan lives behind the camera, but her hotness and boldness is not less than any Bollywood actress. Seeing the hot sexy figure of Gauri Khan, people’s heart slips, seeing her waist, the heart becomes a garden garden. Gauri Khan herself keeps sharing photos and videos in her social media account.

Gauri Khan Oops Moment
Shahrukh Khan’s wife became victim of Oops Moment

Now the video of Gauri Khan’s oops moment which is going viral is different from others. Actually in the video, Gauri Khan is wearing a loose dress and a jacket is thrown on top. When Gauri Khan moves towards her car, her jacket gets stuck in the pole on the road, seeing this happening Gauri Khan herself and her friends also smile, after that Gauri Khan takes out her jacket stuck in the pole and moves forward. Fans are very fond of this video of Gauri Khan and users are also commenting a lot on it. Gauri Khan has more than 4 million followers on Instagram. Seeing the beautiful style of Gauri Khan, your heart will also fall for her. You also see the viral video of Gauri Khan which has created a ruckus in the internet.

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