Father-in-law’s daughter-in-law’s affair : Husband used to live outside the house, young daughter-in-law’s relationship with her father-in-law

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In married life, one starts feeling lonely because of getting angry with the partner and not giving time to him. Something similar is in this story. The woman started feeling lonely. The husband used to stay away from home due to work. The woman had a relationship with her own father-in-law. Know the full story-

The agony of loneliness and anger at her husband has brought a woman to such a juncture that she cannot see the way out. 36-year-old Jenny (name changed) had a relationship with her step-father-in-law. When Jenny, who was struggling with loneliness, got the company of a man, she crossed every limit. But now she is filled with regret. She does not understand how to maintain the relationship with her husband.

Father-in-law's daughter-in-law's affair
Husband used to live outside the house, young daughter-in-law’s relationship with her father-in-law

Jenny, 36, has been married for 8 years. According to Jenny, her husband is away from home for work for 15 to 20 days a month. Not only this, because of not having any child, Jenny was also upset from inside. After the departure of her husband, she lived alone in the house. She felt very lonely herself. There were quarrels with the husband regarding this. But the husband’s answer used to be that if I don’t work then how will the house run. She could not speak anything.

Jenny told that her mother-in-law lives in another city after getting married to a younger man. One day step-father-in-law came to his city for some work and stayed at his house for a few days. Jenny further told that the husband went out for work only a day after their arrival. After dinner at night, there was a lot of conversation between Jenny and her father-in-law. Then both went to sleep. Jenny tells that she doesn’t know why but that night wrong thoughts about her step-father-in-law were coming to her mind again and again.

According to Jenny, “The next day my father-in-law went out for some work but returned in the afternoon. After lunch we talked a lot. Just then my step-father-in-law’s hand came on my shoulder and he asked if there was any problem, I came to know that Steve (name changed) is mostly out. Hearing this, I started crying. I burst into tears and expressed my pain. I don’t know how we became related that night. This went on for two days. I started liking his company. I had broken all the norms set by the society. Then he left. He had to come home again after two-three months. There was a physical relationship between us again.

Recently I got a call from my step-father-in-law and he apologized and said that I made a mistake. Forget whatever happened between us. Otherwise everything will be ruined. After his call, I realized how wrong what we had done was. Now this thing is eating me up. Can’t understand how to make eye contact with my husband. Sometimes I think that I should tell them all the truth. There is also the thought of suicide. Tell me what should I do?

You are not only responsible for what you did. Your husband’s indifference and your father-in-law are equally responsible for this. The step you took due to loneliness cannot be justified, but sometimes the desire of the mind breaks the wall of decorum. The good thing is that now you have realized your mistake. It is said that true repentance washes away all the dirt. Your dirt has also been washed away. The good thing for you is that the father-in-law himself has taken a step back and there is no third person who can bother you about this.

That’s why it will be better that you also forget this relationship thinking it as a bad dream. Telling the truth to your husband can spoil his relationship with you and your mother as well. Suicide is not the solution to any problem. Try to keep yourself busy in some work. You can also plan to go out with your husband. This will end the coldness in the relationship between both of you and will also get rid of bad thoughts.

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