Extramarital Affair : Wife was having fun with her lover in hotel, husband raided

The news of extra marital affair often goes viral on social media. One such case has come to the fore. The wife was partying with her lover in the hotel. The husband was already suspicious of the wife. The husband caught both of them red-handed. In a hotel in Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh, the husband caught the wife red-handed celebrating with her lover. Wife’s lover is the village head. On information, the husband along with his friends raided the hotel.

Extramarital Affair
Wife was having fun with her lover in hotel

The husband and his friends thrashed the wife and village head’s lover in the hotel. Later, the woman’s husband chased her lover and wife out of the hotel, caught both of them and took them running to the police post, beating them. Seeing the thrashing of the village headman, a huge crowd gathered around the spot. Police is investigating the matter. The video of this incident is going viral on social media.

When the police inquired in this whole matter, the woman’s husband opened his wife’s wrist. The husband says that she has filed a case against me and is living in my house. This is not the first case of her, every other day she used to go with her village head lover and come back home after hours. The husband said that, when the wife’s actions started crossing limits, I put my friends behind both of them. After which both of them were caught red handed in the hotel today. The husband said that his wife threatens him to commit suicide every day and says that one day I will trap you.

On the other hand, the wife says that all the allegations of her husband are baseless. Her husband had brought it with him from home. The wife told that her husband often stays in Delhi or Mumbai in connection with work. Today he said that let’s finish the case. Meanwhile, the head of the village was seen near the hotel. After this, her husband asked her to ask Pradhan ji to end the case, how the case would end. The wife said that as soon as she went to Pradhan ji, her husband caught hold of her and started beating her.

On the other hand, Pradhan denied all the allegations and said that a conspiracy has been hatched against him. The village headman says that he was called by the woman’s husband, I have nothing to do with any woman, no one is our girlfriend. accused of rape. The wife denied all these allegations outright. Maharajganj police is probing the matter.

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