Extramarital affair : The wife used to call the lover home by giving sleeping pills to the husband, this is how the secret was revealed

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To spend time with your lover, your wife found this way, you used to call your lover home by giving him sleeping pills in food, but one day the secret of both of them was revealed like this.

The police team started its work after seeing a dead body hanging from the ceiling fan with a rope noose. The wife of this dead man was crying while taking her two small children with her. Some people around had also gathered inside, outside and near this house. Crying, the woman was saying that her husband had committed suicide. The dead body was sent for postmortem and when the postmortem report came, the investigation started afresh because the case was not suicide but murder.

On the night of December 26, the hanging body of 34-year-old Ishraj was found in Ghaziabad’s Loni area. The post mortem report was saying that death had already taken place before hanging from the noose. Apart from the rope, there were also some marks on the neck. As soon as this was revealed, the autopsy of the dead body was done. There was a revelation in this report that some such chemicals were found in the stomach of the deceased, which was not common. It was not poison, but such chemicals like drugs or intoxication may have been used. Also, this report also confirmed the post mortem report.

Now the police had a theory and needed evidence or a confession. The first line of questioning was naturally Razia, the wife of the deceased Ishraj, because according to the expert who conducted the post-mortem, she was strangled with something like a cloth. When the statement was taken from Razia, she was in a hurry while answering many questions and also gave different answers from the previous statement. Now the suspicion of the police was confirmed that Razia definitely knew something about Ishraj’s murder or she had committed the murder.

Razia could not stand for long in front of the questions and strictness of the police. While crying and sobbing, he told the whole story.

In fact, for the last one year, 32-year-old Razia’s love affair with 29-year-old Salim had started. Since Razia and Salim used to live in Khoda locality of Loni, there was a familiarity between the two. Ishraj was a carpenter by profession. When Ishraj went to work, Salim and Razia used to meet in his absence and both soon came close to each other.

Both had gone a long way in the relationship. A stumbling block came in the relationship of several months when one day Ishraj saw Razia and Salim in such a condition, which was unusual for Ishraj. Ishraj kept an eye on both of them but he did not get to know much. After this, Razia and Salim tried to find some other way of meeting.

Now it started happening that Razia started feeding Ishraj by mixing sleeping pills in food or water. After eating this food, Ishraj would fall into a deep sleep and then Razia would call Salim home. This affair continued for some time, but one day the secret was revealed, and in December 2018, the truth of Razia and Salim came to the fore in front of Ishraj.

Ishraj scolded Salim a lot and also raised his hand. Ishraj strongly threatened both Salim and Razia that if Salim came to his house again or if Razia ever invited him home, the consequences would not be good. Now, after waiting for a few days, Salim and Razia decided to remove the troublemaker named Ishraj out of the way.

Extramarital affair
this is how the secret was revealed

Razia mixed a lot of sleeping pills in Ishraj’s food on the night of 26th December. As soon as Ishraj fell asleep, Razia called Salim. As soon as Salim reached home, Razia gave him her scarf. Together they strangled Ishraj with a dupatta. As soon as Ishraj died, both of them hanged Ishraj’s dead body from the fan with the help of a rope to give the color of suicide to this murder. Then after Salim left, Razia left the house.

After some time Razia returned home and started a ruckus. She told the people around that she had gone out of work for some time and when she returned, she saw Ishraj’s dead body. Razia also made up a story that Ishraj’s business was going bad for a few days, so he was worried. But, the investigation reports proved all these stories of Razia to be false and she had to accept the truth.

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