Chanakya Niti : Why does a man start looking for another woman after marriage, know what Chanakya Niti says

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Acharya Chanakya has given rules on religion, meaning, work, salvation, family, society as well as many issues in Niti Shastra. All these rules are strict in the present time as well as relevant. In which it has also been explained why a man gets disillusioned with his wife and why he gets hypnotized towards another woman.

It is normal for a man and a woman to have attraction for someone else after marriage. It is not wrong, but when this attraction goes beyond admiration then a new relationship is formed, which is not acceptable in our society. Such a new relationship has the potential to break old love relationships and marriages.

With the passage of time, the reason for bitterness in the marital relationship is the decrease in the sweetness of the speech. In such a situation, whether it is a woman or a man of the house, he starts looking for sweetness outside the house, that’s where the trouble starts. Mental happiness also matters along with other happiness in a marital relationship, the lack of which breaks the relationship.

When husband and wife do not pay attention to each other or do not give full time to each other or only keep counting each other’s shortcomings, then in such a situation the relationship starts getting sour. In such a situation, instead of the wife, the husband gets attracted towards some other woman.

The biggest strength of married life is trust. If the woman breaks this trust then the man and if the man breaks this trust then the woman starts looking for relationships outside the house. For their needs, such men and women go far ahead in extra-marital affairs.

Chanakya Niti
Why does a man start looking for another woman after marriage

In married life, after the birth of a child between husband and wife, sometimes there is a change in the relationship. Men and women are unable to spend time with each other. In such a situation, men with fickle nature get attracted towards others outside the house and from here the extra marital affair starts.

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