Bhojpuri Movie Shooting : This is how romantic scenes are shot in films, many times heroines become ashamed

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Bhojpuri film industry is the fastest growing film industry in India. In regional cinema, Bhojpuri films are seen more than the films of South. This is the reason why Bhojpuri films are shown dubbed not only in India but also abroad. Although the budget of these films is very low in comparison to Bollywood and South films. Due to the low budget, most Bhojpuri films are shot in a small town or in a big house. But the biggest problem in the shooting of these films is when a romantic scene is to be shot in the film.

There is a problem in the lovemaking scene due to the crowd

Actually, if a romantic scene is to be shot inside a house, then it is still fine, but when such scenes are shot in small places, it often gets crowded there. Because of this, actresses face a lot of trouble while shooting romantic and lovemaking scenes.

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Bhojpuri Movie Shooting
This is how romantic scenes are shot in films

Trouble increases due to frequent retakes

Hero-heroine’s trouble increases when retakes have to be taken repeatedly while shooting a lovemaking scene in front of unknown people. In such a situation, many times the crowd present there does not desist even from making lewd comments and hurling abuses at the heroine.

The location is decided according to the romantic scene

The director decides the location according to the romantic scene whether to do the romantic scene in a closed room or outside in an open space. After this the hero-heroine is told how to romance on the bed. There is also a director, cameraman, choreographer, make-up man and lighting team during the romantic scenes in the room.

Sometimes the actress becomes uncomfortable

Seeing the romantic scenes shown in movies, we feel that only hero and heroine are present while romancing. But the hero-heroine has to do romantic scenes in front of the entire team. Many times some heroines also become uncomfortable while doing romantic scenes.

double camera setup

Double camera setup is used to shoot romantic scenes in a closed room. So that romantic scenes can be shown from every angle. Sometimes when the heroine becomes uncomfortable in front of some people, then some people are also sent out. After this, only very important people are present on the shoot.

People start making videos too

Sometimes romantic scenes are shot at outdoor locations. Actors and actresses have to shoot the scene many times if there is no proper shot during the shooting of the film. Similarly, there is a lot of difficulty in shooting love scenes in front of the crowd in small towns. People start making videos from mobile and sometimes they take photographs.

Public does not desist even from taunting

Bhojpuri actress Poonam Dubey had told in an interview a few years ago – I feel very ashamed to do such scenes in public places. During this hundreds of people are watching you. Still, according to the demand of the film, romantic scenes have to be done.

Sometimes scenes have to be done under compulsion

At the time of acting, it is compulsion to suit such scenes on the demand of the story. Whether people support or not, we have to do our work. People also understand that the film is being shot, so some funny scenes will be seen. Maybe that’s why such a crowd gathers.

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