Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Latest Update : Lakhan Prachi teams up to make Raghav smile…

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The latest episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 begins with Prachi who says that Josh explained his point of view to me and he is right. Monica says you need to decide who is right, Josh and Raghav. She says we should support our people in crisis, Josh is leaving his comrades, you can support Raghav, go ahead and support him, give him a reason to stay back. Prachi says wow mom, I didn’t think so, thanks.

Monica asks him to eat noodles, good food gives good thoughts. Prachi messages Raghav and asks if he is fine. Let me call and hear your voice to see if he is okay or not. She calls Angad and asks are you guys leaving? Angad says yes. Josh parties with his friends.

Adi says Josh hired new employees by going against you, he is not listening to you now. Lakhan goes to Josh and asks what is happening, our partners are in a scam and you are partying, I told you that I will handle it. Josh is proud of himself and tells Lakhan to take rest. He asks her to have a drink. Adi scolds him. Adi sees Lakhan getting angry. Lakhan goes home.

Monica says Josh is getting out of control, you show him who’s the boss. He says yes, he crossed all limits, I kept quiet for Prachi, he is wrong, he can never change. She says she convinced Prachi. Pihu comes and asks will you give up, you considered her as daughter, how can you let this happen, save her. He says believe me, I also don’t want her to be in this relation. She says that Josh has captured Prachi, I request you to save her. He asks what shall I do, she loves him, you were not here, she broke down, Josh took your place, she is dependent on Josh. Prachi meets Raghav. He has spoken.

Pihu says Prachi went on Ram, she only sees good in people, so she cannot see Josh’s real face, it is all because of you, she believes Josh is perfect, you have got Josh, Prachi. Loves him for the qualities that Raghav has, she really loves Raghav, you all made Raghav out, so Josh is using him emotionally. Lakhan says Prachi will be broken. Pihu says we are there to protect her. Prachi asks where is old Raghav, my best friend, I miss him, you have forgotten to live.

Raghav says I have become empty, I don’t want to prove anything, just my work is small for me, my work will never betray me, this is my reason to live. She asks why did you change, that I didn’t love and support you. He says wow, you still understand my unsaid words. I’m glad, thanks for coming. She goes away and cries. Pihu says we will stay back, I want to be there for Prachi, she cannot handle it, you both will also stay here. He says okay, I will do what is right for us, you both trust me, okay. Angad and Pihu nod. Lakhan comes to Prachi.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Latest Update
Lakhan Prachi teams up to make Raghav smile…

He sits in the car and asks her to drive. He says we are going to office, I want you to see Josh’s truth, Monica is right, one of them is wrong, you have to see the truth. Josh asks Mahir to take the design from Raghav. He is worried that the company will suffer a loss of 300 crores. Mahir says Raghav took his designs. Josh says we have to do something, or else we are finished.

Prachi says I am not defending her, you are misunderstanding her. Lakhan says no, I know you love him, he is insulting me, he has no fear, I am forgiving him for your sake, I asked him to wait and do nothing, he didn’t listen to me, she decided She defends Josh. He says it is high time, you will know what is happening. Further, Lakhan is seen saying that Josh will refuse for marriage, the reason is big, Raghav. Prachi meets Raghav.

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