Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Latest Update : I trust Raghav, he didn’t do anything, now it’s your turn to trust my trust

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The forward story of famous TV serial ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2’ begins with Prachi who says I trust Raghav, he didn’t do anything, now it’s your turn to trust my trust, whatever he does can’t do wrong Raghav asks Angad and Pihu to come. Angad hugs Adi and says that I will definitely find some solution or the other, don’t worry. Then Pihu also hugs Prachi and says I am very proud of you, You dare to say what is right and wrong. Then Josh and Prachi argue saying that Pihu misbehaved with me. He asks Mahir to say.

Prachi says don’t shout at me, I know what my sister can do, she is not a rowdy. She asks Mahir to leave. Mahir says I will leave when Josh says. Josh asks her to prepare the documents and fixes a meeting with the government officials. Further, Pihu is seen saying that Sania was looking innocent, she did this on someone’s advice. Raghav says no, we will not get anything, we have got a big project. I had to leave it because of a fake case, we will go. She asks did Lakhan force you to back off. He says no, he hinted me, he didn’t force me. She says we will clear your image. He says I don’t want to clear my name, I don’t know about others, you are with me. Reporter asks Raghav what will he do now after leaving the project.

Angad says we do not have to say anything. Josh says I was with you, you were alone, I stood by you and made your terms better with Lakhan, when Raghav and Pihu came back, you are blaming me, what about our love. . Prachi says Raghav is only to be blamed, don’t believe it. Josh says I will not send you to your best friend, I am doing this for the company, Raghav did wrong so I am removing him.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Latest Update
now it’s your turn to trust my trust

Raghav answers a call and says I am innocent, I have been falsely accused, so I am leaving this project, thanks. Angad asks reporters if he got the reply. Josh says we cannot be partner of Raghav. She asks will you cheat partners, I know Raghav, do you know Saniya, you are judging her. Raghav says we will go home and chill. Angad gets a call. They say government. The officers want to see us.

In the upcoming episode, Prachi says that Josh is wrong. On this Pihu says that I am with Prachi.

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