Anupamaa : Netizens are all praise for ‘Queen’ Kavya after she exposes Maaya’s feelings for Anuj

While Kavya might have started out as a villain in Anupamaa, she has slowly but steadily won the audiences’ hearts with her strong personality. Not afraid to speak her mind, Kavya often hits back at any wrongdoers. Doing so once again, she demonstrated her support for Anupamaa in the latest episode of the beloved show.

Kavya exposes Maaya

Kavya exposes Maaya
Netizens are all praise for ‘Queen’ Kavya after she exposes Maaya’s feelings for Anuj

Before we continue, let’s add a spoiler alert! In continuation with the last episode, the Kapadias and Shahs gathered together for the Mahashivratri puja. Amidst all the dance and celebrations, Kavya notices Maaya swooning over Anuj. Catching onto all her numerous antics, Kavya exposes Maaya to everyone. Informing Anupamaa that Maaya has fallen in love with her husband Anuj, Kavya managed to win over viewers with a simple precap.

“Today’s show steeler is Kavya, what an episode because of her truth bombs also she is the one who will expose Maaya, mahasaptaah in #Anupamaa sach mein ye mahasaptaah hi hoga, bahut khuch banega, bahut khuch tootega, I am betting on #MaAn, DKP don’t ruin them,” one user wrote.

Another tweeted, “Loved kavya in the precap im sure she will expose Trashraj ka ghatiyapan both trash n M are DISGUSTING aaj yehi ek word aa raha hai mann mein after the episode,” meanwhile a third joked, “Like she went from being the backstabbing other woman to ‘you can trust fall into me’ kinda bestie. This growth…only my Qween K.”

“Now don’t get me wrong I used to dislike Kavya before when she hurt Anupama but after her redemption I started liking her and how she started supporting Anupama was amazing,” a netizen added.

Source : timesnownews