Anupama Fans Angry : The audience did not like Anuj’s behavior at all, seeing Anupama sobbing, he said – I have lost faith in love…

Anupama Fans Angry With Latest Promo: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’ is in the news these days. As such, the show has made a place at number one in the TRP list for the past several times. But these days the track of ‘Anupama’ is not being liked by the audience even a bit.

Anupama Fans Angry
The audience did not like Anuj’s behavior at all

At the same time, the promo video of ‘Anupama’ which came recently has added fuel to the anger of the audience. Actually, in the latest promo video of ‘Anupama’, it was shown that Anuj expresses displeasure on Anupama and says that living with her is suffocating. Seeing this behavior of Anuj, people not only taunted him, but also accused the makers of spoiling the character.

After watching the latest promo of ‘Anupama’, users are creating ruckus from Instagram to Twitter. Seeing the changed look of Anuj, the users reprimanded the makers. In fact, Anuj taunts Anupama in the promo, “What have you lost. You have all your three kids, your family. Here I am left alone. Your shadow draws me into the darkness. Being with you makes me suffocate.” Is.” He says this and leaves while Anupama sits in the room sobbing.

Fans heartbroken after watching the promo video of ‘Anupama’

After watching this promo video of Rupali Ganguly’s Anupama, a user wrote, “The new promo broke my heart. I can’t see these days like this. DKP (Anupama’s production house) you didn’t do it right. ” Another user wrote, “I can’t take it anymore. Two people who loved each other so much.

They didn’t see a single moment of happiness in their marriage because of outsiders. This is very sad for a couple.” Taking out anger on Anuj Kapadia, another user wrote, “My heart is broken seeing Anupama like this. Anuj Kapadia don’t give him more pain. She too is saddened by the loss of the younger one.

Those who expressed displeasure over the promo of ‘Anupama’ did not stop here. Expressing anger at the director, a user said, “This was not expected from the director. At least in this show, the couple should have been shown supporting each other. More TRPs than they probably can’t tolerate.” While another user wrote, “This is not right.

A sensible husband like Anuj cannot behave like this. Makers stop ruining our lovely characters.” A user said in the comment that he has lost faith in love itself. However, amid all this resentment, people also praised Gaurav Khanna’s performance.