Amid Mass Layoffs, 20+ Companies Plan to Hire Students & Professionals Via 1-common-test

Amid the current economic climate of layoffs and unemployment, it can be difficult for job seekers to find opportunities to advance their careers. But it’s important to remember that there are still companies out there that are growing and expanding.

Recruitment 2023 is the biggest off-campus hiring drive aimed at democratizing hiring and providing equal opportunities to students & working professionals from all colleges and cities. With leading companies offering jobs and internships with salaries up to INR 25 LPA, this hiring drive is set to benefit the entire ecosystem of employers and students.

And the best part? Take one test and open the door to a wide range of domains in 20+ companies, including Operations, Marketing, IT, and more. With multiple roles available, such as Content Writer, Event Manager, Marketing Intern, Backend Engineer, AWS DevOps

Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Lead Full Stack, etc., potential candidates are sure to find something that fits their interests and skills. In the last edition, over 1,37,858 tech students participated in the Recruitment off-campus hiring drive for companies such as Walmart, Myntra, Juspay, Tata, and more. This year, the event is bigger and better!

Amid Mass Layoffs
Amid Mass Layoffs, 20+ Companies Plan to Hire Students & Professionals Via 1-common-test

There are no fees or costs associated with participating in the event, making it an accessible and affordable opportunity for students of all backgrounds. And with the convenience of online assessments, candidates can participate from the comfort of their own homes. Simply register, complete the application form, and take 4 assessments designed to evaluate the key skills and abilities. The assessments include General Aptitude & Logical Reasoning, Basic Programming Fundamentals, Verbal Ability, and Elementary Online Coding (this may vary as per the role).

Based on the results, all the participants will receive a score and ranking on the Unstop Recruitables Leaderboard, which will be valid for 6 months. Companies will then use this score and ranking, along with other factors like degree and work experience, to shortlist for interviews.

The higher the score, the better the chances of landing the dream job. Whether someone is looking for their first job or seeking to advance their career, Unstop Recruitables 2023 offers the perfect opportunity to connect talent with top employers. Say goodbye to biased hiring and join the effort to level the playing field by giving equal opportunities to talented individuals from all backgrounds!

Source : Public Relations – Unstop

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