Amazing Viral Video : Along with playing the guitar, an elderly man singing in a charming way, users said – Old is gold

Amazing Viral Video: Such videos are seen on social media from time to time, which along with winning the hearts of the users, work to surprise and motivate them as well. Recently one such video has surfaced. Along with winning the hearts of the users, it is also motivating and surprising them. An elderly man can be seen playing the guitar in this video which is winning everyone’s hearts on social media. Whose tune is winning everyone’s hearts.

Amazing Viral Video
Along with playing the guitar

Usually in old age where some people imprison themselves in homes or are seen resting most of the time. In such a situation, in the video surfaced on social media, the elderly person is surprising everyone with his talent. In the video, the old man is first seen playing the guitar. After which he starts singing in the best style. Everyone has become mesmerized by listening to whose tune.

At present, this video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Which has been posted on Twitter from an account named @Enezator. In the video, an elderly man is seen wearing a cap as well as half T-shirt and half pants. During which he picks up a guitar and keeps it in his lap and then starts playing melodious tunes while playing it. After this, he is seen singing an English song.

This video is becoming increasingly viral since it surfaced on social media. Seeing this, users are getting motivated to learn new things apart from being busy in their work in life. This video, which is winning everyone’s heart on social media, has got more than 4 lakh 75 thousand views and more than 2 thousand likes till the news is written. Seeing the video, users are continuously appreciating the skill of the elderly person. Most of the users have described the video as heart-wrenching. At the same time, some users have commented and written ‘Old is Gold’.

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