Affair : The wife was troubled by her husband’s affair, told the police that he spends hours in the bathroom at night…

A shocking case has come to light from Ambala in Haryana. The woman got upset with her husband’s affair and told the police that my husband talks with the neighbor at night. When the husband goes to the bathroom to take a bath, he keeps on talking for hours there too. Let us go into detail in the news below.

Fed up with her husband’s antics in Ambala, Haryana, a woman has pleaded for justice by handing over a complaint to the police. The woman said that her husband is having an affair with the neighbor. Doesn’t sleep the whole night. Doesn’t give me time and kids. He takes his mobile with him even while taking a bath and going to the toilet. That’s why her husband’s mobile should be checked to see whom he talks to.

Husband has sex in bathroom for hours
The wife was troubled by her husband’s affair

Her husband pretends to go to the temple at 5 in the morning to do seva. Whenever there is a fight, he says go to your home. Sector-9 police station has registered a case under section 323/498-A and started investigation.

Sector-8 resident woman told that 11 years ago, Atul Nagi had a love marriage with her. They have 2 children after marriage, but since last 3 years her husband is not living well with her. Always fights. Not only this, he sleeps in a separate room and stays online on WhatsApp all night. Whenever you call, it is busy.

The woman told that her husband never even lets her see his phone. He sleeps at night hiding under his pillow. Not only this, whenever he goes to the toilet or bath in the morning, he takes it with him. The victim told that he does not give any time to the children and her. Alleged that her husband was having an affair with their neighbor. He meets the said girl in the market.

The victim told that even at 4-5 o’clock she remains online on WhatsApp. He comes home at 9-10 o’clock in the house and after having food goes to his room to sleep. Her husband has 2 mobile numbers, but no one knows what the other number is. She has demanded the police to get her husband’s mobile phone checked.

The woman told that the son’s school fees have not been paid for the last 6 months and her husband has asked her to tell her father to pay the fees. The accused repeatedly says to take his share and gold. The woman told that her father had given her the shop for two years. Spare parts worth Rs 1.5 lakh have also been kept in the shop. He does not know how much money is earned and where it goes.

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