Affair : The bride screamed on the honeymoon, the in-laws rushed to the room

One such case of honeymoon has come to the fore. You will also be surprised to hear that. The bride’s mood deteriorated at night and the bride started making noise. On hearing the cry of the bride, the father-in-law rushed to the room. The bed of the honeymoon was decorated. The bride reached the SEZ with a glass of milk. But after some time the bride’s mood deteriorated. When the bride raised an alarm in the middle of the night, the family members came running. The bride was crying out that my husband was impotent. I will not live with it. At 3:30 in the night, the bride called the people of her maternal side as well. There were attempts at compromise in the first house. After this the matter reached the police station.

The scream of the bride on the honeymoon
The bride screamed on the honeymoon

The matter is related to Panchampur village of Kishni police station area. A person living here was married on March 2 with a girl from Niloi Jaswantnagar Etawah. On March 3, the bridegroom sent the bride away and brought her home. The musical program went on till 11:30 in the night. After this, around 12 o’clock, the newly-wed bride reached her husband’s room and started a ruckus. When he called his maternal home, 20-22 people reached his in-laws’ house early in the morning and started forcibly taking the bride away.

The police reached after getting the information and brought both the parties to the police station. where attempts at reconciliation took place. But it didn’t work out. After this Dipendra and the bride’s father Nekram gave a written complaint to the police and told them to go to the bride’s maternal home with the jewellery. It was said that now this matter will be resolved later. Station in-charge Anil Kumar said that after the consent of both the parties, the bride has been sent along with her maternal side. Action will be taken if there is a complaint.

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