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Affair : Every day other men come home after marriage, I am intimate in front of my husband on the bed as per his wish

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After marriage, other men come home everyday – many times relationships are formed, but there is no love. Even if one of them has an extramarital affair. So he thinks he is left out. I too have a similar story. I am married. Not much time has passed since my marriage. But here I am in a relationship where I am getting everything except love. I have always been a modern girl. As a result of my independence and self-determination, my personality has completely changed.

The family has no interference in this matter. As a result, my parents also never tried to impose their strict decisions and methods on me. I’ve always been allowed to do what I want. Likewise, I expected my husband to do the same. I met Avinash while searching for my perfect match. The further story will also be narrated to you. I had never met a boy like Avinash before. There’s a calmness about that. It is not in his capacity to speak much.

Everyday other men come home after marriage
Every day other men come home after marriage

So when we met to pursue marriage, he made it very clear to me that he wants me to live my life to the fullest. He doesn’t expect anything from me.
Due to my own desire for such a husband, I immediately agreed to this relationship. Maybe it’s also because I needed someone who wouldn’t interrupt me again and again. After getting to know each other well, we got married. There was never any romantic feeling between us. Because of this we feel very comfortable and safe with each other even when we are together.

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Also, Avinash never made me feel that there is any limit to our relationship after marriage.

We live together as if we were best friends even when we were married. There was no physical intimacy in our relationship even after marriage.

I am also happy in this kind of marriage. I don’t care about love because it’s not important to me. To spend my life with someone I love so much was not necessary.

I only needed one thing: someone who could understand me. understand my dreams Please don’t impose your decisions on me.

As a result, Avinash has become everything I had envisioned for my life partner. Although Avinash only says that his family should be kept in the dark.
It is important to him that no one finds out that we are not romantically involved.

We sometimes plan parties to make our relationship look real, just like other married couples. Our social media handles also have love filled posts for each other.

It’s because he wants the world to know how much he loves me. Together, we are very happy. He is also planning to take me on a luxurious vacation. We had a great time together in Miami last year.

Even when we travel together, we rarely spend time together. After leaving home he gets busy with his favorite work and I keep myself busy with my work.

Our relationship is very free. Avinash is not concerned about my relationships with other men. When I do this, he is very happy.

Yet, He wants me to interact with other people as well. People also introduce me to him. If we want, anyone can make a relationship with us.

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His only request is that I be very careful in what I am doing so that our close friends and family members do not know what we are doing.
I want the same, so that no one can question both of us. Like me, he also wants our family members to stay away from all this. This is because not everyone will understand us.

We live like a traditional couple. Together, we are happy. I am fine with this relationship as long as both of us are happy.