Affair : Bua made relation with nephew, this is how love story started

The matter of embarrassing the aunt and nephew has come to the fore. Aunt fell in love with nephew. And slowly both started coming closer to each other. Aunt and nephew made a relationship. Know the whole matter-

In UP’s Bijnor, a case of embarrassing relationship between aunt and nephew has come to light. Where the nephew killed his aunt due to illegal relationship with her. On Monday, when the police caught the accused, he revealed the whole matter.

Bua made relation with nephew
Bua made relation with nephew

This incident is from Rehad village of Bijnor. Amita Kaur, a girl living in Rehad village, fell in love with Kamaljit, who seemed to be her nephew. The matter went so far that physical relations were also formed between the two and the girl became pregnant for about 4.5 months. After getting pregnant, she started pressurizing her nephew to marry her.

conspiracy to commit suicide

Troubled by this, Kamaljeet asked to remove her from the way that we both seem to be aunt-nephew in the relationship and we cannot get married. So let’s both commit suicide together.

trick fed poison

The boy coaxed him out of the house and bought poison and told him that first you eat, then I will eat. Obeying the boy, when the girl fainted after consuming poison, Kamaljeet killed the girl by tying her face with a cloth and escaped by throwing the dead body in the forest.

According to SP Dehat Vishwajit Srivastava, the police recovered the girl’s body three days ago from the border of Jim Corbett National Park and arrested the accused on Monday after investigation. The accused confessed to his crime, after which he was sent to jail.

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