Affair : 23 days were left for the marriage, the wife turned out to be pregnant, then what happened…

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A strange story has come to light in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh. Here a girl gets married in July this year. A few days after marriage, the girl has stomach pain, when she goes to the doctor, it is known that the girl is three months pregnant. After this the girl accepts that this child belongs to her brother-in-law. Then brother-in-law and sister-in-law start living together, but one day the dead body of the girl is found under suspicious circumstances. The relatives are accusing the brother-in-law of murder.

In fact, 24-year-old Nida, a resident of Mohalla Desh Nagar of Pilibhit’s Sadar Kotwali area, was married on July 23 this year with Saeed Ahmed, a resident of Chandoi village, according to Muslim customs. After a few days of marriage, Nida has a stomach ache, so she goes to see the doctor along with her husband, where it is known that Nida is 3 months pregnant.

Everyone gets shocked hearing this and a panchayat is held between the two families. In the panchayat, Nida confesses in front of everyone that the pregnancy in her stomach belongs to her brother-in-law Naseer, Naseer was also sitting in the panchayat, then Naseer says that he will marry Nida and take her with him. Is. Nida also happily goes to her brother-in-law’s house and starts living in a love-in relationship.

wife turned pregnant before marriage
23 days were left for the marriage, the wife turned out to be pregnant

A month after this incident, on Tuesday, under suspicious circumstances, Nida is found hanging on the noose. Nida’s family members are accusing Naseer of murder. Nida’s brother Irshad says that after a few days of marriage, it was found out that Nida is pregnant with the child of our elder monk, because of this, Nida’s husband divorced her and Nida started living with her brother-in-law and they killed her today.

In this case, CO Sadar Sunil Dutt told that the deceased was divorced from her husband and she lived with her brother-in-law, she was divorced due to illegal relationship with her brother-in-law, today she committed suicide due to some reason, We are probing the matter and looking into the allegations leveled by the family.

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