Aamrapali – Nirahua Romance : Nirahua was seen forcefully loving his wife Amrapali by throwing her on the bed, created a stir

Aamrapali Dubey – Nirahua Romance Video: The films and songs of Bhojpuri industry are praised less. There are some couples in the Bhojpuri industry, whom the fans are always eager to see together. One of these pairs is the pair of Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’ and Amrapali Dubey. Together they have given many superhit films to Bhojpuri industry. Apart from this, old songs of Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey always trend on social media.

Aamrapali – Nirahua Romance
Nirahua was seen forcefully loving his wife Amrapali by throwing her on the bed

At present, an old song ‘Jayeda Ye Jaan Eet Jaage Pe Jata’ by Nirahua and Amrapali Dubey is trending once again. The actress is looking very beautiful in this song. In the song, both are seen romancing fiercely together. The song has collected views in crores.

Tremendous chemistry is being seen between the two in the song. In the beginning of the song, Nirahua is seen in a prisoner’s outfit, he is locked in jail and thinking about Amrapali Dubey.

After this Nirahua starts romancing with his wife Amrapali Dubey. In the song, you can see that Nirahua first harasses the actress in the bedroom and then starts loving the actress by sitting on his lap. After watching this video, the fans are also getting impatient.

This song has got 3,187,767 views. Fans are indiscriminately liking and commenting on this song by Dinesh Lal Yadav and Amrapali Dubey. This song has been uploaded on the YouTube channel named Nirahua Entertainment. This is not the first time that a romance video of Kinirhua and Amrapali Dubey is creating havoc on social media, their songs are trending on YouTube every day. Many music albums have rocked together with both.

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